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"Radiant Joy" brings $1100 to Desert Autism Foundation

I was delighted to be able to create a plain air painting on the Driving Range at the 2018 Scramble for Autism. It was a fun day in the desert.

It was an honor to create "Radiant Joy" from a dream I had the night before the event. Our special kids bring so much love and joy into the world and I wanted to show that in this painting featuring a puzzle piece at the center of the work. I was humbled to hear from so many guests that my painting really resonated with them and I was impressed to hear their own inspiring stories of love and support for our kids with Autism.

My sincere gratitude to the wonderful family that donated $1100 during the live auction of my painting. They gave "Radiant Joy" a beautiful new home!

There are many difficult challenges for families with special needs children. It is through the generosity of the sponsors and donors at this event that many of our children with Autism in the Coachella Valley will receive critical therapy. I am so grateful to the Board of the Desert Autism Foundation, the incredible village of volunteers, and all of the sponsors and donors of this wonderful event.

100% of the sale of this painting benefited the Desert Autism Foundation.

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