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Andy's Story

Andy is a sweet and special gift to those that knows him. His joy, strength and adaptability have been an inspiration throughout the years. However, it is Andy's joy through adversity as he has overcome so many challenges and has sustained many lifelong medical challenges, that is truly extraordinary.

Andy was born unexpectedly early at only 24 weeks gestation. He was so fragile his family wasn't allowed to touch or hold him until he was nearly six weeks old. Andy fought hard to survive, although he had only a 5% chance of survival, with many very scary moments in his first four months of life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

His parents are so proud of Andy and believe he has a gifted life demonstrated by his pure joy and ability to live a life without jealousy, greed, malice, etc... Andy lives each day with abundant laughter, singing, dancing and he absolutely radiates his joyful nature. It is truly amazing to witness his ability to adapt to the world in his own way and to show others how to find joy on even the worst of days.

Joy is an awesome gift and we are delighted to be able to witness Andy's pure joy and be a part of his beautiful life. Andy teaches us so much about the important things in life. We feel so blessed to have been given such an incredible gift.

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