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About The Artist:


Lorana is a Mother of three boys, a wife of twenty-two years, and a dedicated volunteer in the disabled community.  She created "All Joy Art" as a way of combining her love of painting with her passion for helping others.

The artist paints as a kind of emotional therapy to help her cope with the special circumstances of her life and reflect on the joy in each day.  Lorana has always had a great love of the arts and has enjoyed expressing herself through a variety of art medium throughout her life. The responsibilities of her life took her in a totally new direction with the birth of her first child, Andy, unexpectedly born with severe multiple disabilities due to being a 24 week micro preemie.  Her new role as a mother, nurse, educator, and advocate to her oldest son has been an extraordinary adventure.  However, the emotional toll of all the medical trauma and the reality of Andy's diagnoses (including blindness, severe developmental disability, inability to eat, ilesotomy, etc...), has been overwhelming at times, so focusing on the positive energy of Andy's joy through adversity in her painting became very important to Lorana. The artist is constantly inspired by the little moments of joy she discovers daily through her children; the remarkable unwavering support of her family; the compassion of her friends; and the amazing new opportunities God has provided along her very special journey. Lorana has often said "This is a journey I never expected, but it has been better than anything I could have ever planned."  She has met so many extraordinary individuals and has been given some wonderful opportunities to serve on this unique journey. Lorana truly enjoys painting her emotions and providing a glimpse of the joy she finds in the world.  

She is honored to be able to help other families with special needs throughout her own journey.  She volunteers, all unpaid, with several non-profit and educational organizations that focus on helping the disabled. Lorana is proud to be a Board Member of United Cerebral Palsy of the Inland Empire ( for 2 years and is dedicated to their programs which provide a critical piece to advancing the abilities of kids with special needs and helping their families.  Lorana is also a National Board Member and Educational Outreach Coordinator for the LilliWorks Active Learning Foundation ( and has planned many non-profit conferences and workshops for educational and medical professionals, as well as families of learners with severe multiple disabilities, over the past fifteen years.  As a parent, Lorana has been instrumentally involved as the Co-Founder and past President of  the school district's Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC), she is proud of the positive attitude of the organization and the open communication it creates between the families and educational staff to create a "Win" for the kids. Lorana is also a Parent Representative and former Executive Board Member of the Riverside County Special Education Local Plan Area - Community Advisory Committee, and has assisted in coordinating a variety workshops for the past fourteen years.

Lorana is excited to share her paintings through her company, All Joy Art.  She is delighted to be able to provide support for her own families special circumstances, as well as to raise funds for some of her favorite charities. Please continue to visit and share this website as Lorana adds more paintings.   

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